The current circumstances, caused by the outbreak of Covid-19, present a different context for safeguarding vulnerable children, young people and their families.


Support for children and young people:

This link provides information for children and young people about where they can go for help, advice and support and ways to keep themselves safe online.


Domestic Abuse Support Services:

The current restrictions of movement and self -isolation may increase the risk and severity of domestic abuse and make it harder for services to identify and support victims and those impacted by domestic abuse.


Support and information for practitioners working with children, young people and their families:

We have created a page that provides a range of support and resources for practitioners working with children, young people and families.


Supporting parents and carers of children who go missing – a message from Wiltshire Police:

The police anticipate that there may be an increase in children and young people that are reported missing during the current COVID-19 circumstances. This page provides advice on how to deal with children who go missing under the current restrictions.


Keeping children and young people safe online:

With schools currently closed and movement restricted, children and young people will be spending longer online, both for learning and leisure. As a result of this there are many risks that are presented due to an increased exposure to being online. This page aims to provide guidance on keeping children and young people safe during their use of the internet.


Safeguarding Children and Families during the Covid-19 Crisis:

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has produced a quick guide for practitioners working to safeguard children and families during the COVID-19 outbreak, including social workers and those working in social care settings.