Working Together 2018 sets out new arrangements for case reviews.

“The purpose of reviews of serious child safeguarding cases, at both local and national level, is to identify improvements to be made to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.” (WT 2018)

Serious case review will no longer be commissioned and have been replaced by child safeguarding practice reviews.

In Wiltshire the Practice Review Group (PRG) will coordinate Rapid Reviews and consider referrals for child safeguarding practice reviews on behalf of the statutory partners. Some cases may not meet the definition of a ‘serious child safeguarding case’, but nevertheless raise issues of importance to the local area. That might, for example, include where there has been good practice, poor practice or where there have been ‘near miss’ events.

Safeguarding partners may choose to undertake a local child safeguarding practice review in these or other circumstances and to determine whether a review is appropriate, taking into account that the overall purpose of a review is to identify improvements to practice.

A Rapid Review is initiated following a serious incident notification by the local authority and a report has to be provided to the new National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel within 15 days. The rapid review helps us make a decision locally about whether a practice review is appropriate and that it will provide new learning. The decision in relation to this is set out in the report provided to the national panel.

National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel – newsletter and update on their work and areas of focus.

To make a referral to the Practice Review Group please use the form here.

The partnership regularly review cases that have not met the threshold for a child safeguarding practice review (formally SCRs) and learning from these cases can be found here.

The NSPCC Repository provides a single place for published case reviews to make it easier to access and share learning at a local, regional and national level.

The repository is accessible via the NSPCC library online, which has over 600 case reviews and inquiry reports dating back to 1945. There are also NSPCC Thematic Briefings available on a range of themes.

Complexity and challenge: A Triennial Analysis of SCRs 2014-2017 is a study which examines serious case reviews (SCRs) considers findings from a 10-year period from 2003.  The aim of the study is to provide evidence of key issues and challenges for agencies working singly and together.


  • SCR Child L – January 2020 significant non-accidental injuries to a young baby (themes: substance misuse, unassessed father, response to bruising in non-mobile babies)



  • Baby J Published Report – April 2016:non accidental injuries to a baby whilst in the care of their parents (Themes include: adolescents parents; impact on parent’s background on their parenting capacity; homelessness; Common Assessment Framework; risk assessment)


For information about reviews prior to 2015 please contact

Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews:

Wiltshire’s Thematic Review in to Significant Physical Abuse in Children Under 1 (2019)

To find out more about learning from other case reviews please go here.