Neglect is the most common reason why children are placed on a child protection plan, both locally and nationally.

The Graded Care Profile 2(GCP2) is an evidence based practical tool that will be introduced in Wiltshire from January 2019.

The roll out and implementation of GCP2 is a long-term project, with the first phase scheduled to begin in January 2019. The expectation is that this a multi-agency tool; for staff across all agencies working with children and their families to use.

GCP2 helps professionals measure the quality of care being given to a child and as an assessment tool can help professionals spot anything that is putting a child at risk of harm. It also supports the engagement of parents by identifying strengths and needs and helps to target key areas to work on. The tool also helps to understand parent’s capacity to change.

In order to use this tool in your work with families you need to attend one of the training days, dates are listed below. As soon as you have been to the training you can start to use the tool in your work.

Please visit the training page for the link to book a place.

07-Feb-2019 Chippenham
13-Feb-2019 Salisbury
26-Feb-2019 Potterne
05-Mar-2019 Trowbridge
22-Mar-2019 Salisbury
28-Mar-2019 Melksham
03-Apr-2019 Potterne
25-Apr-2019 Chippenham
30-Apr-2019 Salisbury
10-May-2019 Trowbridge
15-May-2019 Melksham
20-May-2019 Chippenham
13-Jun-2019 Potterne
19-Jun-2019 Trowbridge
24-Jun-2019 Chippenham
02-Jul-2019 Salisbury
18-Jul-2019 Melksham
23-Jul-2019 Potterne
21-Aug-2019 Salisbury
17-Sep-2019 Trowbridge
25-Sep-2019 Melksham
07-Oct-2019 Chippenham
16-Oct-2019 Trowbridge
14-Nov-2019 Melksham
26-Nov-2019 Potterne
12-Dec-2019 Trowbridge
18-Dec-2019 Potterne


You can find more information about the tool at NSPCC GCP2.

Download an infographic poster telling you more about the tool

Download the posters below and slides which you can use to promote and raise awareness of the tool within your agency