We all want better lives for children and young people. As part of everybody’s responsibility for safeguarding children and considering their welfare, we want to identify vulnerable children and young people earlier and work in a coordinated, integrated way to help them before things reach crisis point.

The Multi-Agency Thresholds for Safeguarding Children provides a model of integrated working  and gives practical guidance on making decisions across service thresholds. We hope you find this guidance useful.

There are Early Help Multi-Disciplinary teams in place to provide and support service across the county to help each North, South, East , and West locality of the county. The overall service will be led by two Service Managers, and 10 Early Help Team Leaders (we are still recruiting two of those team leaders).

Early Help Single Point of Entry – 01225 718230

Useful Forms

Please refer to the revised Multi-Agency Thresholds for Safeguarding on when and how to use these forms. Remember, information sharing with consent from the parent (or young person if appropriate) is required unless there is evidence of serious harm or neglect.

Supplementary guidance, tools and forms can be found on Wiltshire Pathways.

The CAF Team

The CAF team are there to support and advise professionals during the CAF process. The team:

  • Run a Monday to Friday (9-5) CAF helpline
  • Quality assures all registered CAF
  • Attend the Multi-Agency Fora (MAFs) operating in each community area
  • Deliver area based training
  • Attend the Gateway Panel (where referrals for intensive family and parenting support are reviewed)
  • Support the process of ‘step downs’ and’ step ups’ to the Children & Families Social Care Service

Helpline and CAF Register Enquiries: 01225 713884 (Mon-Fri 9-5) / CAF@wiltshire.gov.uk

Please send completed signed CAFs for registration to:

Wiltshire Council

DCE Coordination Team,

County Hall,



BA14 8JN