Safeguarding unborn babies and under 1s

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Safeguarding unborn babies and under 1s

“Infancy remains the period of highest risk for serious and fatal child maltreatment; there is a particular risk of fatality for both boys and girls during infancy”

(Pathways to harm, pathways to protection: a triennial analysis of serious case reviews 2011-2014, Brandon et al 2016)

Wiltshire have completed and published a thematic review into significant physical injuries in under 1s. This report pulls together the knowledge from recent Wiltshire cases of injuries to children under 1. It sets out the risk factors and circumstances of children under 1 year who suffer significant or fatal physical injuries. The full report can be read here.

A previous WSCB Full Board event focused on safeguarding unborn babies and under ones with full presentations below:

The Baby Steps Programme gives extra support to families in pregnancy and early parenthood They can be first time parents or have previous children. Further information for professionals can be found here and if you know parents who would be suitable for the programme and they agree to their details being passed to the Baby Steps team, please complete a Baby Steps interest form here.

Download our poster on safeguarding unborn babies and under 1s.

Revised guidance on responding to Bruising and Injuries in non mobile babies and children.