Responding to bruising and injuries to non-mobile babies and children

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The guidance on responding to bruising or injuries in non-mobile babies and children has been revised. This follows a number of recent cases in Wiltshire where bruises and injuries have not been reported appropriately and the children have been found to have significant injuries or gone on to be seriously harmed.

Non-mobile babies and children very rarely cause injuries to themselves and therefore must be considered at significant risk of abuse.

Therefore, all bruises or injuries to non-mobile babies or children must be reported by phoning MASH (0300 456 0108).

The new guidance is available below along with a leaflet for parents:

Multi-agency Protocol: Bruising and injuries to non- mobile babies and children – this guidance is for all professionals working with children and young people in Wiltshire.

Supplementary Guidance for Health, MASH and Social Care Professionals only and should be read alongside the multi-agency protocol

Leaflet for parents – this is for any professional to use to help explain what will happen if a bruise or injury is noticed.(when printing select print on both sides flipping onto the short edge.)

Further guidance on safeguarding unborn babies and under 1s can be found here.