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For full child protection procedures please visit the South West Child Protection Procedures site here. Please also see our Thresholds for Safeguarding practice guidance – including what to do if you suspect abuse and/or neglect.

To download a document please go to the relevant section below.

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Responding to bruising in non mobile babies and children

Multi-agency guidance – responding to bruising and injuries in non-mobile babies and children 

Supplementary Guidance for Health, MASH and Social Care Professionals only and should be read alongside the multi-agency protocol.

Leaflet for parents – this is for any professional to use to help explain what will happen if a bruise or injury is noticed.

Allegations Management Policy

Case Resolution Protocol

Child Protection Conference: Conference Dissent Form

Child Protection Conference: Conference Dissent Process (Local Policy) 

Child Protection and Sexual Exploitation Process

Discontinuation of a Child Protection Plan

Discharge Planning Protocol: Discharge of Children and Young People from Acute Hospital Settings

Keeping Children Safe in Education – September 2020

Local Authority Guidance for Schools: Code of Conduct (for safer working practice)  

Minimum Expectations for Privately Employed Nurses

Wiltshire Model CP policy Revised July 2021

Model School Staff Behaviours Policy

Pre-Birth Protocol to Safeguarding unborn babies

Safeguarding unborns and under 1s

Social Networking Policy

Single Assessment Protocol

Supervision Principles

Safer Recruitment Principles

Swindon and Wiltshire Missing from Home and Care Protocol

Unexpected Child Death Contact List

Thresholds for Safeguarding

Wiltshire and Swindon Joint Agency Response (JAR) and Child Death Protocol for Unexpected Deaths

Wiltshire Harmful Sexual Behaviour Protocol

Wiltshire Early Help Strategy

Wiltshire Domestic Abuse Strategy 2021-2024

Wiltshire Strategy for the Provision of Domestic Abuse Support within Safe Accommodation 2021-2024



Please select the document you would like to download from the list below:

Professional Notification to Social Care (Mash inter-agency referral form)

Welfare and Child Protection Concern Record

CSE Initial Screening Tool

Child Sexual Abuse Practice Tool

Intra-familial child sexual abuse: Risk factors, indicators and protective factors (Research in Practice)

New Early Assessment Form

The new ESA form replaces the current CAF and can be found on the SVPP website. Practitioners are asked to start using this form as soon as possible however if you are in the middle of completing a CAF form or would like training before using then you can still continue to use the CAF form for the time being. The new ESA form has been created to be straightforward to use however there are training sessions available to support practitioners in using the form.  Training is available on the SVPP booking system at